Are short games worth less?

I have never bought a full price game in my life. Dropping 50 to 60€ on a game has always seemed like a bad idea for me.

Nowadays, almost all AAA games are sold at full price. Yet they greatly vary in game length. Games like The Witcher, Skyrim or Fallout take dozens or even hundreds of hours to complete while others only last for 10-20 hours or even less (Bioshock, Tomb Raider, Uncharted…). All of those are great games, but why does The Witcher 3 (>43h) cost as much as Uncharted 3 (>9h) on release? (more…)

Subray Title SCALED

Subray a Free Underwater Exploration Game

Playing most games is stressful. They are focused around combat and hectic gameplay. Even turn-based games can become very stressful. Subray is different. It’s a free underwater game and is all about exploration. There is only minimal combat and no fast gameplay. You control a spaceship and float through underwater caves. As you dive deeper and deeper you discover a colorful and vibrant underwater wildlife. (more…)

Path of Shadows a innovative free stealth game

“Path of Shadows” an Innovative Free Stealth Game


Games made by students tend to be very innovative. Path of Shadows is no exception. It got developed by 5 students from the Pompeu Fabra university and features some unique stealth mechanics.

Like in most stealth games, you hide in the shadows to stay unnoticed. Unlike most, you can now also teleport from shadow to shadow. If there is no shadow close, you can use your powers to create new shadows. However, your abilities vanishes once the light touches you.